Komatsu 375A Dozer

375koma.jpg - 10.1 K
Komatsu 375A
komla.jpg - 11.8 K
Older Komatsu 375A

In recent years Komatsu has made steady inroads into the dozer market. Domestic U.S. makes of large dozers are few and far between except for Cat which dominates. Euclid is out of the market, Fiat Allis is out of the large dozer market and almost invisible in the smaller market. IH had to spin off the construction equipment division to Dresser who still makes a few machines, but Komatsu has a credible across the board line of dozers of all classes. They even make an 1100 HP dozer one size class larger than Cat's D11, called the Komatsu 575A.

What you see here is the Komatsu 375A, which is the Komatsu answer to the D-10. This second photo is of an older machine. It shows a little wear if you look at it carefully. Historically the 'non Cat' brands of dozers were widely disparaged in the US as being second rate, but no one thinks that of the Komatsu. It is a solid credible machine with none of th bad reputation problems that dogged IH and Allis Chalmers in the construction equipment business.

This machine is a bit more than the Fiat Allis 31. the current Model dubbed the 375A-5 weighs in at 75 tons, and features 525 horsepower and a blade said to have a capacity of 24-28 yards. For the full run of Specs see the Komatsu America Page.

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