Northwestern Fence Lizard

(Sceloporus occidentalis occidentalis)

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It is said that lizards have scales, so I think this qualifies. This photo was taken in Christmas Valley, Oregon, (northern Lake County)

The lizard family tree, to say it lightly, seems to be a mess. The Western Fence Lizard has been traditionally divided into 6 subspecies but the proper classification. Lake County Oregon is part of the Great Basin and by some maps of where these subspecies live, this ought to be a Great Basin fence Lizard, but to my view it more clearly matches the Northwestern Fence lizard, and in at least one map of who lives where I find the Northwestern Fence Lizard assigns as living in much of Oregon that is north of California which includes Lake County. If I'm confused, it's because the sources are not in agreement.

The most helpful website, and the closest photo match I found is

Additional information: see Wikpedia - Western Fence Lizard

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